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Carlos Mendez (and Senor Socco), gang member. by Archerophio Carlos Mendez (and Senor Socco), gang member. by Archerophio
Name: Carlos Mendez and Senor Socco.
Age: Twenty-three years.
Ability: Hustle. Hustle increases the user's Attack stat by 50%, but lowers the accuracy of the user's physical moves by 20%. Special moves, status moves, and moves that cannot miss are unaffected by Hustle.
Height: 6'5"

Possessions: Sock puppet, throwing knives, chains, ropes, shovel, lighter, cigarettes, marker pens, pavement chalks, spraypaint, coins, playing cards.

-Screech (Bred)
-Dragon Rush
-Zen Headbutt (Tutored)
-Fire Fang (Bred)

If Carlos was to be described in one word, it would be... Weird. He's a weirdo. A creep. Everyone should stay away from him. And it is this creepiness that earned him his place within the gang.
He's not quite right in the head, taking great pleasure in other people's pain and suffering. He only ever talks to his sock puppet friend, Senor Socco, rarely anyone else, and if there is information he wants to relay to someone else he will do it through Senor Socco. This usually consists of him conversing with the sock puppet before making it talk to whomever he is contacting.
He tends to also be grinning or chuckling at something, and rarely let's people see his eyes clearly. He hangs his head a lot of the time.
He enjoys leaving random creepy doodles all over the place with his markers, chalks and spraypaint. It usually consists of a single emotive face on it's own, or a weird symbol that only he knows the meaning of.
He is very skilled with his throwing knives and is somewhat handy with a gun, though his aim is far better with his knives.

Not much is known of his past but it is certain that he used to work as part of a circus at one point. He was a part of an act that focused on throwing knives at a spinning target and trying not to hit them. Seeing as how skilled he was, there was only ever one accident, and that wasn't even his fault. Someone had switched one of his knives out so the physics didn't work out like it usually would. He was very much the same in personality back then as he is now, rarely talking to anyone, always keeping a deadly straight face throughout his act... It just added to the awe factor and people would flood from all over the place to watch the circus performers in their various talents.
One day, however, a member of the audience approached him after a show. It turned out that their motives there were less than savory. They talked of how great Carlos' skill was and told him of a gang... A gang with a vengeance. They told Carlos that they could really do with someone who had a skill such as his own, and after a mere hour of thinking about it, Carlos agreed.
For a while, he worked at the circus as his primary source of income and visited the gang rendevous whenever he could, learning of all their motives and whatnot. Murder? Sounded wonderful~ In his sick, twisted mind, it seemed like everything was suddenly falling into place.
Just two months after joining the gang, Carlos had levelled up enough to evolve from a Deino into a Zweilous. His personality didn't change much but he suddenly felt like there was something missing, like a second half of him that was lost somewhere, and thus, he created a friend. Senor Socco. It was a mere sock puppet to everyone else, but to him, it was like a way to voice everything he wanted to say but never felt he could, someone who could be his partner in all his dastardly deeds, and above all, someone to keep him company in these dark times.
He is no longer a member of the circus, after the act became dull to it's audiences, and the circus troupe was disbanded. Now he works full time for the gang and has arrived at the institute for a purpose~

Other Information:
- He keeps many of his knives concealed so that people don't expect it. He carries roughly 10 of them on his person.
- He will only ever talk to anyone through Senor Socco.
- Senor Socco has his own personality.
- Due to his ability, he does make a good hustler.
- He's also good at pickpocketing, something of a mandatory skill when a member of the circus.
- He doesn't look all that intimidating at first glance... but this is all a facade to trick people into a false sense of security before he strikes.
- He has killed before and would find no shame in doing so again, regardless of gender, age, species or capabilities.
Trickychan Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
w o w <3 I like him and his personality ./wags tail/ Also really like how you made this character and his overall concept nice job dude! u wub
Archerophio Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thanks~ 8D
Yeah I like him too... Kind of wish he was a legit character instead of an NPC... might put him into another group once this event is over... |D
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